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After Hours Entrepreneur with Mark Savant

Mark Savant

The After Hours Entrepreneur Podcast is for business owners, entrepreneurs, side hustlers, and professionals that are disrupting their industry. The global marketplace is seeing massive change. Hundreds of millions of jobs will be lost. How will you adapt?

We focus on how to use artificial intelligence, automation, social media, email marketing, leadership, and innovative tactics gain the advantage you need thrive in this world.

Host, Mark Savant shares specifics on how he executes to build cash flow in this show. You'll get actionable advice from the best books in the world. You'll get lessons from business experts on marketing strategy, systems, innovation, leadership, accounting, investing, management, and more. Previous guests include Patrick Bet-David, Pat Flynn, Jasmine Star, Evan Carmichael, Rachel Pedersen, David Meltzer, and more. 

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